Messages from Heaven

The Cardinal

While browsing Target for a Mother’s Day present, I found a beautiful card with a cardinal on the front. I looked inside to read the message. It said, ” For centuries, the cardinal has been used to represent a loved one who has passed away and as a messenger from Heaven. The red of the cardinal is a reminder of the blood of Christ who died so that we can have eternal life.”

This stood out to me. If you listen to CCAirwaves, the official podcast of the Catholic Cemeteries Association, we have a series where we share stories of messages in Heaven. If you would like to listen to the latest episode of the series, click the box below!

I wanted to learn more about the spiritual meaning behind cardinals. I started to do some research. While investigating the cardinal, I came across a heartwarming story about a mother who fulfilled her promise and sent her daughters a cardinal from Heaven.

I will admit that I felt my eyes water when they tried to let the bird fly away, but it came right back to them. This represents the eternal love a mother has for her children. It knows no bounds. If you have lost a mother, grandmother, aunt, or maternal figure, let this serve as a reminder to you that they will always be there for you.

Written By: Paige Muttillo | Marketing Manager | Catholic Cemeteries Association

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