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Heaven’s Not Too Far

In 2018, America's Got Talent brought the sibling band "We Three" to their stage. The Oregon-based band performed their original song, "Heaven's Not Too Far Away," which is a tribute to their mother, who passed away from cancer. Manny Hulie, the youngest sibling, shared that the song is written from her perspective during the last… Continue reading Heaven’s Not Too Far

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Children Grieve Too

November is Children's Grief Awareness Month. Since 2003, Joel's Place for Children, a Cleveland-based 501(c)(3) non-profit, provides grief support to school-aged children and their families who have experienced the death of someone special in their lives. Children and teens across the world are experiencing grief in ways that are more complicated and often more traumatic… Continue reading Children Grieve Too

Message From The Director


All is an interesting word and is used in so many ways. All can be an adjective, adverb, pronoun or noun and the pertinent Websters definitions are “the whole amount, quantity, or extent of” or “every member or individual component of” or “the whole of one's possessions, resources, or energy”. All includes every one of us and… Continue reading All

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5 Ways to Stay Healthy While Grieving

Did you know that grief can weaken your immune system, increase blood pressure, cause changes in your digestive system, and lead to headaches and disturbed sleep? Grief is a normal and necessary reaction to a significant change or loss in our lives. Even though it may be hard, it is important to take care of… Continue reading 5 Ways to Stay Healthy While Grieving

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Remember the Love

November is often called the "Month of Remembrance". This month is traditionally a time in which the Catholic community remembers those whom God has called through death to eternal life. It is important to remember our loved ones because it helps us keep their memory alive in our hearts. In the spirit of remembrance, I… Continue reading Remember the Love