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Miscarriages: From Grief to Healing and Hope

If you have lost a child early in pregnancy, you know the true weight of the word “miscarriage”. I have always found the word itself to sound a bit sterile and almost flippant, with no real association with the word “death,” even though it is the end of a life. In many cases, a miscarriage… Continue reading Miscarriages: From Grief to Healing and Hope


When God Winks

A "Godwink" is an event or personal experience, often identified as coincidence, so astonishing that is seen as a sign of divine intervention, especially when perceived as the answer to a prayer. This term was coined by Squire Rushnell, an American author and inspirational speaker. The author of the "GodWink" series explains how seemingly… Continue reading When God Winks


A Miracle at Calvary

My father shared a story about Calvary Cemetery in Cleveland with me a few weeks ago. I was moved by this story and was compelled to write about it. He was having a conversation with his coworker, Germaine. He shared that I recently started working at the Catholic Cemeteries Association, and she immediately asked if… Continue reading A Miracle at Calvary


Heaven Through the Eyes of a Child

In second grade, I was asked to draw a picture of Heaven. I had never thought about what Heaven looked like before. The only thing that I knew was that my Papa was up there with Jesus. This assignment made me wonder, though, what was Heaven like? My imagination started to run wild. Whenever anyone… Continue reading Heaven Through the Eyes of a Child


Making Time for Faith, Hope, Remembrance, and Love

The month of June is full of opportunities for celebrations and socializing. Graduations, weddings, and family gatherings are scheduled into our busy summer calendar. It is important during this busy time to make time for faith, hope, remembrance, and love. The liturgical season of Ordinary Time is a time of growth and new life in… Continue reading Making Time for Faith, Hope, Remembrance, and Love