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The Key

A few weeks ago, I was driving to a funeral (and running late, of course). I had an egg wrap that I was planning on saving for later, but I couldn’t resist. When I took a bite, egg spilled on my shirt. I pulled into the nearest parking lot, which… Continue reading The Key

An Important Conversation

On any given day, we have dozens of conversations. You may ask a coworker how their weekend went on the way to your desk. A stranger might complain to you how the temperature has dropped significantly over the past few days and you respond by saying that you’re excited for… Continue reading An Important Conversation


August has a few meanings and as an adjective, it means “marked by majestic dignity or grandeur.”  As we travel through the days of August, we can see this grandeur of the world around us.  We witness the beginning of harvest season, summer storms that are breathtakingly beautiful and sometimes… Continue reading August


The heart is an amazing part of our body in both the physical and metaphysical. In the physical, the heart sustains life in every beat, and in the metaphysical, it is compassionate and feels the pain of loss. It is both a muscle and an emotion. Without the heart, the body fails and… Continue reading Heart


We welcome the month of May because it is an amazing month in so many ways. In our hemisphere, spring is in full bloom and we are witnessing again the miracle of the change of seasons. This is also the month of our Blessed Mother, with the first three weeks in Easter… Continue reading Remember


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