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The Lion King and Grief

Have you ever noticed that death is mentioned in almost every Disney movie? A deceased parent, a hero's tragic end, or a villain's demise are just a few examples of what we are exposed to when watching these films. Why is this? What lessons can we learn from these Disney movies about loss? Can this… Continue reading The Lion King and Grief

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Sorry for Your Loss

"Sorry for your loss." This is one of the most commonly used phrases when expressing condolences to someone who has lost a loved one. We have all said, written, or typed these words at some point in our lives. Sorry for Your Loss is also the name of a Facebook show that follows a young… Continue reading Sorry for Your Loss

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“Never Have I Ever”: A Thoughtful Exploration of Grief

"Grieving is as natural as crying when you're hurt, sleeping when you're tired, eating when you're hungry, or sneezing when your nose itches. It is nature's way of healing a broken heart."Doug Manning Grief is a "normal" and necessary reaction to a significant change or loss in our lives. Over the past few years, there… Continue reading “Never Have I Ever”: A Thoughtful Exploration of Grief

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Discussing Burial Options Through Popular Media

Choosing the type of burial to memorialize you or a loved one is an extremely important decision that should be discussed ahead of time. This topic was mentioned on a popular animated comedy called Bob's Burgers, which follows the adventures of Bob Belcher and his quirky family as they run their restaurant. While selecting a… Continue reading Discussing Burial Options Through Popular Media