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Miscarriages: From Grief to Healing and Hope

If you have lost a child early in pregnancy, you know the true weight of the word “miscarriage”. I have always found the word itself to sound a bit sterile and almost flippant, with no real association with the word “death,” even though it is the end of a life. In many cases, a miscarriage… Continue reading Miscarriages: From Grief to Healing and Hope

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Finding Faith After Loss

I remember well the month my grandmother died. My grandmother was my best friend. Growing up, I was attached to her hip. We went everywhere together, and I used to beg my parents to drop me off at her house quite frequently. As she got older, she became more recluse, overwhelmed by the anxieties of… Continue reading Finding Faith After Loss

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Children Grieve Too

November is Children's Grief Awareness Month. Since 2003, Joel's Place for Children, a Cleveland-based 501(c)(3) non-profit, provides grief support to school-aged children and their families who have experienced the death of someone special in their lives. Children and teens across the world are experiencing grief in ways that are more complicated and often more traumatic… Continue reading Children Grieve Too

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5 Ways to Stay Healthy While Grieving

Did you know that grief can weaken your immune system, increase blood pressure, cause changes in your digestive system, and lead to headaches and disturbed sleep? Grief is a normal and necessary reaction to a significant change or loss in our lives. Even though it may be hard, it is important to take care of… Continue reading 5 Ways to Stay Healthy While Grieving

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Carmen in Nicaragua

As a current Clevelander, I have had the chance to visit our beautiful All Souls Cemetery, with its many lovely headstones and monuments to dear loved ones no longer with us. I have also attended funeral services at the Hindi temple, and Jewish cemeteries. What has struck me most about these experiences were not the… Continue reading Carmen in Nicaragua