A Miracle at Calvary

My father shared a story about Calvary Cemetery in Cleveland with me a few weeks ago. I was moved by this story and was compelled to write about it. He was having a conversation with his coworker, Germaine. He shared that I recently started working at the Catholic Cemeteries Association, and she immediately asked if… Continue reading A Miracle at Calvary


Heaven Through the Eyes of a Child

In second grade, I was asked to draw a picture of Heaven. I had never thought about what Heaven looked like before. The only thing that I knew was that my Papa was up there with Jesus. This assignment made me wonder, though, what was Heaven like? My imagination started to run wild. Whenever anyone… Continue reading Heaven Through the Eyes of a Child

Pop Culture

The Lion King and Grief

Have you ever noticed that death is mentioned in almost every Disney movie? A deceased parent, a hero's tragic end, or a villain's demise are just a few examples of what we are exposed to when watching these films. Why is this? What lessons can we learn from these Disney movies about loss? Can this… Continue reading The Lion King and Grief

Meaningful Music

21 Years

Christian hip-hop artist Toby McKeehan, better known by his stage name TobyMac, wrote the song "21 Years" after his son died of an accidental overdose. Truett Foster McKeehan passed in October 2019. After his tragic loss, TobyMac channeled his grief into this song, which focuses on the anguish and questioning the singer felt over the… Continue reading 21 Years

Personal Loss

I Do It For You

When someone you love passes away, it can feel like they have disappeared completely from your life and the world. This is how I felt when I lost my great Aunt Fay in 2011. Even though I was able to say goodbye, her death left a void in my heart that I can still feel… Continue reading I Do It For You