Message From The Director


When most hear the word faith, we immediately think of belief in something greater, but depending on how faith is used, it can bring about so many strong feelings. We can have faith in a person or in how we act toward one another when we act in good faith, and according to one of the… Continue reading Faith

Bereavement, Personal Loss

The Holidays Always Find a Way

Celebrating the holidays after the loss of a loved one feels different. A time that was once filled with joy, laughter, and gratitude may be replaced with feelings of emptiness and grief. Unfortunately, I am familiar with those feelings this year. My aunt passed away in March, and with the holidays approaching, I can’t help… Continue reading The Holidays Always Find a Way


Mary, Our Mother

It is May, the month of Mary, Our Blessed Mother. May Crownings, First Communions and Mother’s Day are celebrated. Flowers and trees are in full bloom and winter is a distant memory. I have had a strong devotion to Mary since I was a little girl. Having a gentle, loving earthly mother, I imagined Mary… Continue reading Mary, Our Mother