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21 Years

Christian hip-hop artist Toby McKeehan, better known by his stage name TobyMac, wrote the song "21 Years" after his son died of an accidental overdose. Truett Foster McKeehan passed in October 2019. After his tragic loss, TobyMac channeled his grief into this song, which focuses on the anguish and questioning the singer felt over the… Continue reading 21 Years


Without a Valentine

On Valentine's Day, we celebrate love, relationships, and the special bonds we have with those who are significant in our lives. For those who have lost their Valentine, this holiday can be tough. For Valentine's Day, you and your partner may have had annual traditions, such as going to a particular restaurant for dinner, watching… Continue reading Without a Valentine

Meaningful Music

Scars in Heaven "Scars in Heaven" by Casting Crowns is about finding hope after experiencing a devastating loss. This song is a comforting reminder that our loved ones are safe with Jesus in Heaven. He wipes away every tear, ends every disease, and heals every wound. Jesus bears the only scars in Heaven, theirs have been healed.… Continue reading Scars in Heaven

Pop Culture

“Never Have I Ever”: A Thoughtful Exploration of Grief

"Grieving is as natural as crying when you're hurt, sleeping when you're tired, eating when you're hungry, or sneezing when your nose itches. It is nature's way of healing a broken heart."Doug Manning Grief is a "normal" and necessary reaction to a significant change or loss in our lives. Over the past few years, there… Continue reading “Never Have I Ever”: A Thoughtful Exploration of Grief


The First Thanksgiving Without Your Loved One

The turkey is fresh out of the oven, dinner is ready to be served, and everyone has shared what they are grateful for this year. After saying grace, you begin to eat. You're surrounded by loved ones at Thanksgiving dinner, but you still feel like something is missing. The first Thanksgiving without your loved one… Continue reading The First Thanksgiving Without Your Loved One