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The word is used to serve many purposes and the definition is all encompassing. Websters defines peace as a "state of tranquility or quiet", "freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions" and "harmony in personal relations". We offer a sign of peace at mass and in that moment, we are connected to each other… Continue reading Peace

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Family is such a unique and all-encompassing word. We use it to refer to immediate and extended family, adopted family and sometimes friends become family.  Ultimately, we are all a part of the human family.  This greater family tends to reinforce the idea that each of us is only separated from everyone on the planet… Continue reading Family

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February – A Month Dedicated to The Holy Family

During this month of February, as we contemplate the cold and snowy weather, and sometimes feel the isolation that winter brings, let us reflect on the example of family love shared in the everyday lives of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. At this moment in time, there has arguably never been a more important need for the strength, unity and grounding that a strong family, rooted in faith provides.

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Celebrating Saint Joseph this Father’s Day

Fathers play an essential role in the lives of their children. Not only are fathers traditionally known for their protective and providing nature, but they are also responsible (along with mothers!) for instilling a certain set of values within their children and guiding them through the twists and turns of life. For this reason, we… Continue reading Celebrating Saint Joseph this Father’s Day