Message From The Director


The word is used to serve many purposes and the definition is all encompassing. Websters defines peace as a "state of tranquility or quiet", "freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions" and "harmony in personal relations". We offer a sign of peace at mass and in that moment, we are connected to each other… Continue reading Peace

Guest Writers

Supporting Your Child(ren) Through Grief

Grief, while an inevitable part of being human, is a thing many parents feel ill-equipped to maneuver through with their children. While undeniably universal, grief is still deeply personal. There are cultural, familial, and developmental differences in how we process and express grief, leaving no clear roadmap for navigation. It can be difficult to be… Continue reading Supporting Your Child(ren) Through Grief

Message From The Director

The Key

A few weeks ago, I was driving to a funeral (and running late, of course). I had an egg wrap that I was planning on saving for later, but I couldn’t resist. When I took a bite, egg spilled on my shirt. I pulled into the nearest parking lot, which belonged to a park. I… Continue reading The Key


Understanding the Attributes of God During Times of Grief

Everyone views God in a different light. For some, God the Father provides the most comfort and guidance with His all-knowing wisdom and constant guiding hand. For others, Jesus Christ and His deep compassion and connection to humanity make Him most approachable. And then there are those who prefer speaking with the calm and gentle… Continue reading Understanding the Attributes of God During Times of Grief


3 Things Men Should Know About Grieving

Grief is much like a natural disaster—it’s unpredictable and doesn’t discriminate. It effects men and women, young and old, rich and poor. The only aspect of grief that can be controlled is how it’s handled by the individual, and that’s where some differences can occur.Many men are faced with the constant assumption that “big boys… Continue reading 3 Things Men Should Know About Grieving