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Scars in Heaven

“Scars in Heaven” by Casting Crowns is about finding hope after experiencing a devastating loss.

This song is a comforting reminder that our loved ones are safe with Jesus in Heaven. He wipes away every tear, ends every disease, and heals every wound. Jesus bears the only scars in Heaven, theirs have been healed.

Mark Hall, the lead singer of Casting Crowns, began writing this song while watching his mother care for her dying parents. He shared that it was traumatic for her to watch her parents endure such agony. Taking care of the people who raised her took an emotional and mental toll on her.

After they passed, the family went through a difficult time. Despite the harrowing circumstances, Mark found hope.

When a loved one passes away, we tend to think about the suffering they went through. Mark believes that we need to shift our mindset. Rather than thinking about the past, we need to try to focus on where they are now. They are with Jesus.

I hope that if you’re experiencing loss, God will remind you of where your loved one is now through this song.

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Written by: Paige Muttillo | Marketing Manager | Catholic Cemeteries Association

4 thoughts on “Scars in Heaven”

    1. Thank you for your comment! It is a beautiful song that reminds us that our loved ones are safe in the arms of Jesus.

  1. ✍ Thank You for sharing this meaningful and beautiful song 🎶 As an only child and grandchild when I lost my grandma and 2 years later my mom I was devastated. Then after 41 years of being married I lost my husband. I never felt so alone in my life. Oh don’t get me wrong I love Jesus more than life its self He’s the constant in my life🙏 but when you’re suffering from a loss you tend to draw inward and just dwell upon your loss. This song 🎶 definitely says how one feels when losing someone and the One who can heal our broken heart and soul❤ God Bless You…🙏 †

    1. We are sorry for the tragic losses you have experienced in your life. We are glad that you found comfort in this song✝️

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