Messages from Heaven

Messages from Heaven

After losing a loved one, you may feel like your connection to them is severed.

However, while death may take away their physical presence, it doesn’t take their spirit.

You may receive signs from the departed in Heaven to tell you they are safe, give advice, or remind you that they are still here for you.

I want to share a collection of short stories about messages from Heaven that others received from their deceased loved ones. These miraculous accounts will strengthen your faith and help you realize the departed are closer than you think.

The Sweater

After Sydnia lost her grandmother, Carmen, she felt utterly alone. She missed her grandmother and wanted to feel close to her again.

She prayed that she could feel her grandmother’s presence again.

One day, while she was shopping at a local boutique, she found a beautiful sweater.

When she tried it on, she immediately felt comforted. The sweater felt like she was receiving a warm hug.

Sydnia looked at the sweater’s tag and was shocked to see her grandmother’s name was written on it.


There it was, neatly displayed on the tag as clear as day. She couldn’t believe this was real. She had never seen or heard of this brand before finding this sweater in the store. When she asked the sales staff about the piece of clothing, they had no answers. They were not sure where the sweater came from, but that was the only one in the store.

After sharing her story, the staff let Sydnia take the sweater home for free.

Every time she puts on the sweater, she feels like her grandmother is embracing her. Sydnia felt that her grandmother sent her this sign to show her that she was still there for her.

The Rainbow

Rebecca had recently graduated college with her Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. She was trying to figure out what she wanted to do next. She had received a job offer from a local school in her hometown, but something felt off. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to accept it.

She interviewed for various positions at other schools, even some out of state, but hadn’t heard anything back. The local elementary school that offered her the position wanted an answer by the end of the week.

As the deadline approached, all Rebecca wanted was to ask her grandfather for advice. She would always go to him when she had a big decision to make. However, he passed away earlier in the year. Even though she couldn’t ask him face-to-face, she knew she could still speak with him in a different way. So, she prayed for a sign that would help her make the best decision.

After a few days, Rebecca felt like she had no other option but to accept the position from the local school. As she dialed their number, she received a call from a number with an Ohio area code. She answered, and it was a Catholic elementary school that wanted to offer her a position!

Rebecca couldn’t believe it. She spoke with the principal and told him that she would have a decision by the end of the day.

Now, Rebecca faced a choice. Did she want to stay in her hometown close to her family or move to a new city for her dream job? She went outside to get some fresh air while she contemplated her big decision.

When she exited her house, she was shocked by what she saw. A beautiful rainbow was in the sky! Rebecca was confused because it hadn’t rained recently.

How was there a rainbow present?

Then, she remembered what happened at her grandfather’s funeral. It was a beautiful day, and there were no clouds in the sky. When her family was leaving the cemetery, they saw a rainbow. They saw it as a sign that he would continue to watch over them from Heaven and he would never leave them.

As she stared at the sky, Rebecca felt her grandfather’s presence next to her. She knew what she had to do. She called the Catholic elementary school in Ohio and accepted the position!

Rebecca began a successful career, met her future husband, and made new friends when she came to Ohio.

The Hug

Daniel lost his daughter, Claire, a few years ago.

At her funeral, he felt numb. All he could think about was everything that he would miss about her.

He would miss how she would come home from school with a smile, excited to share every detail of her day with him. She would tell him what she learned, the names of new friends she had made, and what she had for lunch (even though he packed her lunch, so he already knew).

He would miss watching her dance around the living room when a commercial with fun music began to play. Daniel would reluctantly join after she begged him to spin her around the room like a princess.

Most of all, he would miss her hugs. They were always warm and comforting. He would have given anything to hug her again.

While the priest spoke about Claire’s life, Daniel prayed. He prayed for his daughter, asking God to send him a sign that she would be cared for and safe.

After the priest concluded his prayer, he paused for a moment. Then, he walked over to Daniel and pulled him into a warm embrace. The priest whispered, “this is from Claire.”

Daniel broke down. He knew that Claire was safe in the arms of the Lord.

He also knew that she was reunited with relatives who had passed before her and that she was giving them lots of hugs.

Some may say that these were just coincidences. However, there are no coincidences with God.

Only with open hearts can we see and hear the messages that God and our loved ones send us each day.

These messages are a reminder of the hope we have of reuniting with them in Heaven. We must remember that death is the final step that brings us toward Christ and reunites us with our departed loved ones. Until then, let us all help each other as we walk this earthly journey together.

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Written by: Paige Muttillo | Marketing Manager | Catholic Cemeteries Association

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