Message From The Director


When most hear the word faith, we immediately think of belief in something greater, but depending on how faith is used, it can bring about so many strong feelings. We can have faith in a person or in how we act toward one another when we act in good faith, and according to one of the definitions in Webster’s, faith is the “firm belief in something for which there is no proof.”  

How many of us so willingly accept that God is real and that He sent Jesus to live among us and eventually die to save us? In our modern world, so many find this nothing more than a fairy tale with its purpose to placate the masses. They claim we are wasting time believing in this Son of God sent to open the doors to paradise. Regardless, faith-filled people simply choose to accept that a child was born, and He was sent by God to save the world.  

When we step back and think about the birth of Christ and what came in the years following that amazing day, how can we not see the evidence of His divinity? This baby was born to a mother who was pregnant before marriage, and a husband willingly accepted that this child was sent by God. If you told someone that this child was the Savior of us all, most would laugh and ridicule you for being so gullible. Step back from the story and focus on the fact that a child born in a stable to two people who led very simple and unassuming lives, grew up and changed the world. How hard is it from that perspective to accept through faith that Jesus is our Lord and Savior? Do we really need faith when the evidence is all around us?

The heartache so many suffer this time of year can be overwhelming, but when we focus on the knowledge that life does not end, we realize that our separation is only temporary. Do we need faith to know that those we love and have gone ahead are now part of our future?  

On behalf of all of us at the Catholic Cemeteries Association, we wish you a Blessed Christmas filled with faith and the knowledge that Jesus came for us to live.  

God bless each of you, and may your hearts feel the peace that faith in God, the Son, and Holy Spirit offers.

Andrej Lah

Director of Cemeteries

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