Message From The Director


The word is used to serve many purposes and the definition is all encompassing. Websters defines peace as a “state of tranquility or quiet”, “freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions” and “harmony in personal relations”. We offer a sign of peace at mass and in that moment, we are connected to each other just before receiving Christ. In those moments, we are called to join with each other and share in the Body of Christ. We are unified in Him as one human family.

October is the month dedicated to the Holy Rosary and I know how it makes me feel when I dedicate time in prayer, contemplating the majesty of our Holy Mother. Proclaiming the Glorious Mysteries and contemplating the life, death and Resurrection and Ascension of Christ, allows us to transcend the limitations of our earthly lives and find ourselves in the peaceful embrace of our Blessed Mother. Every time we pray the Holy Rosary, we invite our Blessed Mother into our lives to pray with us, and she brings a sense of peace despite any chaos we might be experiencing in our lives.

It is difficult to think of peace when someone we love so deeply passes away. We may be so overwhelmed with grief that those definitions mentioned above can tend to be irritating. We don’t want to think of peace when anger, despair and sadness are the words that define our state of mind. Christ, through His humanity, understands these emotions and our Blessed Mother comes to us to offer us the peace of knowing that through her Son, life has not ended, it is transformed. Heaven is real and there we will find absolute peace.

God Bless,

Andrej Lah

Director of Cemeteries

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