Message From The Director


We welcome the month of May because it is an amazing month in so many ways. In our hemisphere, spring is in full bloom and we are witnessing again the miracle of the change of seasons. This is also the month of our Blessed Mother, with the first three weeks in Easter and the latter in Ordinary Time. Liturgical colors inform the faithful and we watch the transformation from white to green, with the former symbolizing the light that has brought joy, purity, and innocence into the world and the latter, the symbol of new life.

May brings renewal and opportunities for families to gather and remember loved ones. We celebrate First Communions and Confirmations, we celebrate moms on Mother’s Day and at the end of the month on Memorial Day, we remember those that made the ultimate sacrifice. It is often on these occasions as we celebrate with the people we love, that we remember those who made the journey with us and who were called ahead of us to their eternal home.  

God has provided each of us with the wonderous opportunity to enjoy our time together, regardless of the amount we are given. Sometimes that life may only last the months in the womb of a mom and in others, a lifetime of experiences that can last a century. In either case, God gifts that life to a mother and a father and asks them to honor the gift He has given. God trusts us to live our lives by loving Him with all our hearts and minds and to love each other as we love ourselves and when this journey draws to a close, His promise of the next journey is there for each of us.

When we remember those whose earthy journey has ended, we must also remember that the new journey has just begun. Death is not the end, but the beginning of a new life, and the path to that life, through Christ, is simply LOVE.

God bless,

Andrej Lah

Director of Cemeteries

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