Honoring Our Loved Ones This New Year

It’s hard to believe that we have already found ourselves in the year 2020. It seems that the rush of the holiday season has started to settle and the world has gone back to its typical routines. However, we at the CCA understand that the New Year may be difficult for many people, as it is a reminder that another year is starting without our dearly departed loved ones. While we carry on with our daily lives, our loved ones are no longer with us to celebrate life’s most precious moments. We may feel like the passing of time pulls us further and further away from our loved ones, but the opposite is true.

The emotional connection we make with our loved ones is something that cannot be broken by death. It is something that lives on and evolves, even after their passing. Each year is a chance for us to strengthen our emotional relationship with our loved ones, both living and deceased.

We must remember that God exists outside of time. Our departed loved ones are present in a world far beyond our comprehension. While entering the New Year may seem daunting to some of us here on earth, we can find comfort in knowing our loved ones exist free of the limits of time and are joyfully awaiting our eventual reunion with them in God’s kingdom.

May God grace you and your family with abundant blessings this New Year.

God bless,
Andrej Lah 

January 2020

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