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Saint Michael the Archangel: Defender of the Church

Saint Michael the Archangel is the subject of many legends, prayers, modern movies, and television programs. While not technically a saint, Michael is the leader of all angels in God’s heavenly army. Saint Michael is typically depicted as a defender and has earned the patronage of those in the Armed Forces. Often, Saint Michael is called upon during dangerous situations and, in many ways, he is the guardian angel of the Catholic Church itself.

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Saint Michael has been known to perform three important tasks:

  1. Fight against Satan
  2. Fight for and defend Christians and the Catholic Church
  3. Be with us during our time of death and guide us into the after-life.

Saint Michael’s third role of guiding the souls of the dead has earned him the nickname of “The Angel of Death,” as referenced during Passover in the Old Testament. Saint Michael has few direct mentions in the Bible, with his name appearing only four times: twice in Daniel, once in the Epistle of Saint Jude as guarding the tomb of Moses, and once in Revelation as he and his angels battle a dragon. In terms of documented human encounters, Saint Michael has been reported to be seen during battles and times of war across the world. Churches and shrines named in his honor can be found in nearly every country, as he still exists as one of the most well-known and familiar Saints to this day.

Undoubtedly, Saint Michael is many things to many people. He can be called upon for any variety of situations. Here at the Catholic Cemeteries, his function as deliverer of souls bears special meaning. Death is a frightening concept for many people, which is completely understandable. There is an innate fear of the unknown, and even those with the strongest faith may find themselves in fear of “what comes next.” However—there is much hope to be found in that God sends His greatest warrior to personally guide us through this transition. No one is alone when they pass away. They are surrounded and protected by an angel who combats the Devil himself.

Take a moment to pray to Saint Michael that he may protect you today, and every day hereafter—even in death.

Post written by Katie Karpinski
Edited by Joe Marques

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