An Act of Service

I’ve only been working at the Catholic Cemeteries Association for a short time, but I can honestly say that I’ve witnessed so many acts of the Holy Spirit. The CCA is not an organization that seeks fanfare and formal recognition, but something happened at our office last week that I found too powerful not to share.

Being a Catholic cemetery, we have the honor of serving a wide variety of people. One of our active ministries includes burials for those individuals whose family have no means to fund burial services. A few months ago, a mother of one of these charitable burials visited our office at Calvary Cemetery in Cleveland. She hadn’t seen her child’s grave site yet, and kindly asked one of our Family Service Representatives (FSR) for directions to the site. Being an extremely large cemetery, our FSR offered to drive the woman to her child’s site to save her the extra strain of walking.

While driving to the site, our FSR got to know the woman a bit more. In short, she wasn’t happy with her current living and emotional status and was seeking a way to provide for herself. Upon arriving at the grave site, the woman had a very emotional reaction—she was so happy that her child was properly buried in a Catholic cemetery. Her story touched the hearts of our cemetery staff, and she became a regular visitor to the Calvary office. Eventually she was put in touch with Catholic Charities and was given the tools and support she needed to find a fresh start.

A few weeks went by without a visit from the woman, until last week when she entered our office. She was visibly weak and explained that her food stamps had been suspended and she hadn’t eaten in days. In an effort to raise her spirits, the same FSR that took her to visit her child’s grave those months prior offered to drive her out again.

This time, when they approached the grave site, the memorial stone with her child’s name had been installed. (It had previously been in production). Upon seeing her child’s name, the woman overflowed with emotion. She fell to the ground and stroked the stone lovingly. When she stood, however, she lost consciousness—which was soon regained with the help of our FSR.

After driving her back to the Calvary office, the FSR provided her a plate of food from the office fridge. The woman left thankful for the food and happy that her child was provided their memorial stone.

In many ways this story is unique—in other ways it’s universal. This same selfless hospitality and care happens every day at all our cemeteries. I felt a strong calling to tell this story because I believe it perfectly encapsulates what we hope to achieve here at the Catholic Cemeteries Association. You see, these are not “our” cemeteries. They are your cemeteries. As an extension of the church, the sacred grounds that surround us belong to you—the church. The story of this woman illustrates the mission we hope to achieve every day. We are here to serve you. We here to help you. We are honored and extremely humbled that families trust us every day to help them through the most difficult time in their lives.

I say none of this in hopes of self-promotion or recognition. Instead, I hope this serves as an invitation and reminder that your Catholic cemeteries are here for you. Visit your loved ones. Stop by our office. We are here to serve.

Post written by Katie Karpinski

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