I Cried All Day Yesterday

“I cried all day yesterday so that I could be strong for the family today.” If you should ever wonder what kind of people work at the Catholic Cemeteries Association, the quotation above says it all. We know that families need us to be strong when they are broken, to guide them with love and compassion. We give a piece of ourselves to that family as we help them through the most difficult of tragedies. Giving the family a piece of our heart is the only way we know how to do this ministry. I know that every single member of the Catholic Cemeteries Association staff willingly gives of themselves to serve when families need us most.

To all the families served by the Catholic Cemeteries Association staff, whether it is the CEO or the staff member preparing the final place of rest, know that we accept our responsibility with reverence and are devoted to the person loved by you and entrusted to our care.


– Andrej Lah, Director of the Catholic Cemeteries Association


2 thoughts on “I Cried All Day Yesterday

  1. Mary Elizabeth Day

    I have received the gift of compassion whenever I have visited the offices of our Catholic cemeteries at Calvary in Cleveland and All Saints in Northfield. These sites are holy ground to me. The journey of burying a loved one began here along with the funeral director’s assistance. The kindness and compassion of the staff has touched me each time I entered the building. It could be a simple greeting, answering a question, helping me light a candle, or snipping the ends of fresh flowers purchased from the cooler. One day I began crying, and I was invited into the manager’s office and was given the gift of consolation and understanding. I am most grateful for these people who care and minister to the bereaved wherever we are on this journey. May God bless each of you for all you do for others.


    Mary Elizabeth Day

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