5 simple ways to grow closer to Christ

To say that we live in a busy world is an understatement. So many people find themselves caught in the constant sweep of responsibility and obligation, leaving little time for prayer, personal time, or even sleep! With all this hustle and bustle, it can be hard to find time to pray, or simply be present and allow Christ to enter into our lives. While it’s important to be responsible and take charge of your own life, it’s equally important to give Christ control of your life by growing closer to him and trusting him to direct you on the proper path. Here are 5 simple ways to grow closer to Christ that will help you live a more spiritual, peaceful, and blessed life.


1. Wake up thankful

In today’s world, we are constantly surrounded by stressors. Be it work, school, health concerns, or personal problems—stress is not something one can ignore or simply wish away. It’s easy to focus on everything that’s going wrong in your life, and even easier to blame yourself, or others, or sometimes even God on why life may not be going your way. However, you must fight this impulse and instead of waking up and running through the list of tasks you have to get done that day, stop– take a breather– and say “thank you” to Christ for waking you up that day. Run through a list of things that you are grateful for each morning, and thank God for giving them to you. By starting your day thanking Christ, you carry Him with you throughout your day, knowing that He has already blessed you in countless ways.

2. Spend time in prayer EVERY DAY

This may seem self-explanatory– but sometimes with all the demands that come with life we forget to take a few moments and talk to God. Prayer doesn’t need to take hours, or be extremely complex. Prayer (in its most simple form) is thanking God for blessings, asking for forgiveness, and requesting prayers for yourself and others. In fact, Pope Francis has introduced the 5 finger method of prayer that helps structure prayer while also reminding you to pray each day. If you’re interested in reading more about the 5 finger approach to prayer– please check out our blog post Pope Francis’ Five Finger Prayer.

3. Read scripture

We’ve all read biographies of people we find interesting, or perhaps memoirs or autobiographies of famous people and their various adventures. Wouldn’t it be great if God had left us autobiography? NEWSFLASH– He did!! The Bible is God’s story; it shows us how He’s interacted with human kind since the beginning of time. By reading the Bible and diving into scripture, you can better understand Christ and follow the examples of the countless Biblical figures that came before us. If you don’t know where to begin, start by doing the daily Mass readings each morning. There are also several free apps available to Catholics such as Laudate and Catholic Bible that help you read the Bible and/or daily mass readings at your own pace.

4. Join a Bible study or other church group

Joining a local Bible study or prayer group can be very helpful in strengthening your relationship to Christ. Actively learning about and exploring your faith allows you to enter into a deeper relationship with Christ. Plus, surrounding yourself with other faithful people can increase your dedication to prayer and Christ.

5. Talk to Him when you’re bored

This might be the simplest thing you do all day- but there is so much power behind it. Christ is constantly trying to communicate with us, and encourages us to invite Him into every aspect of our lives. So, when you have a few moments, if you’re bored at work or on your drive home, or if you’re having a particularly bad day, don’t be afraid to take a few moments and have a quick talk with God. Your hands don’t need be folded, and your eyes don’t need to be closed. All you need is a prayerful mindset and the knowledge that God is always there to encourage you and listen.


Post written by Katie Karpinski

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