When Is Free Really Free?

Free. You see the word everywhere. However, the question you must answer is “When is free really free?”

Pre-planning your cemetery needs leads to better informed decisions that alleviate one’s family from the burden during a period of sorrow. When it comes to making cemetery arrangements in advance, you must carefully consider the concept of “free.”

The concept of a “free grave” is misleading and should prompt you to ask several questions. First, ask about the location of the free grave. The free grave could be located in an undesirable area of the cemetery. Second, inquire about the restrictions such as “One Per Household” or up to a particular dollar amount. This would require you to purchase an additional grave for your spouse, or pay more to upgrade. Finally, determine what additional services or fees are required to “earn” the free grave. Some cemeteries require pre-planning funeral arrangements at their affiliated funeral home.

Catholic Cemeteries Association is driven by its mission to provide a dignified Catholic burial for the people of the Diocese of Cleveland. Through this Corporal Work of Mercy Catholic cemeteries provide a spiritual and loving setting where faith is awakened and strengthened. As a self-sustaining entity, Catholic Cemeteries Association assures everyone a dignified Catholic burial. Our Family Service Representatives are readily available to explain the ministry and services available at Catholic cemeteries.

S. Caper, Director of Family Services

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