A Life Worth Remembering

Every Life Is Worth Remembering

Some people keep a loved one’s cremated remains in their personal possession; others scatter them in their own yard, at sea or some other place. Wherever the remains go initially, the decision NOT to commit them to a permanent burial location can have many unintended and far-reaching effects over the years and for generations to come. Before you make an irreversible decision, please consider the impact this decision may have on your life and the lives of others – some of whom have not yet been born.

When the decision is made to not provide a permanent burial site for a loved one, the consequences can be far reaching. Oftentimes a single family member takes possession of the cremains and others can be excluded. If the decision is made to scatter the cremains, many family members and friends may never know where the scattering took place. Finally, future generations may inquire about the deceased, and no one will remember where the remains are.

Our loved ones deserve the dignity and respect of a permanent burial site. A permanent burial site offers a family many benefits. All friends and family members have a special place to visit and remember and to place flowers on special occasions. Visitation may take place at a cemetery, a location that will exist for eternity. Family and friends may freely visit a cemetery at a time convenient for them. Finally, a permanent burial site in a cemetery ensures a permanent record of a loved one’s life through grave markers, monuments, and the record keeping of the cemetery.

At Catholic Cemeteries we believe every life should be remembered. In addition to traditional gravesites, our cemeteries have above-ground burial sites and special burial areas such as columbariums. A permanent burial site can be easily affordable and provides so much forever.

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