Why do Catholic cemeteries exist?

The simple answer is Catholic Cemeteries exist for the burial of Catholics; however, they exist for so many more reasons than this.  Catholic Cemeteries are for the burial of the faithful.  They provide a final resting place for those baptized into the Catholic faith.  As Catholics we are taught and believe in the dignified burial of the dead.  We are also taught and believe it is important to pray for the dead and care for those who mourn.  The Catholic Cemeteries are places of remembering, healing, and prayer.  They are also places where the meaning of life and death is expressed in symbolism and action.  For-profit cemeteries exist for many different reasons but the Catholic Cemeteries exists as a ministry and an extension of your parish life.

For more information about the Catholic Cemeteries Association, Diocese of Cleveland visit www.clevelandcatholiccemeteries.org.

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