The Ministry of Catholic Cemeteries

Catholic cemeteries are set apart from other cemeteries for they are part of the ministry of the Church. They minister to the deceased, the bereaved, the poor, and the local parish communities.

The Catholic cemetery seeks to help people face the hard reality of death in a context of faith in the promise of eternal life. Our facilities and services include a place to be buried, an environment designed to meet the needs of the Catholic liturgy for burial, a facility which encourages frequent visitation with attendant prayer for the dead, an environment in which love is remembered, hope is rekindled and faith is awakened and strengthened.

We minister to the living by helping them anticipate needs when they face the reality of death. We look upon the arrangements of burial space as a moment for growth in our faith. When individuals and families acknowledge the issues surrounding mortality and begin to make burial plans, it is a graced moment in which our faith can and must be integrated if we are to be true to the service we render. We see our pre-need programs as moments of catechesis and evangelization.

In our contact with families in pre-, at-, and post-need situations, we minister on behalf of the larger Church and especially on behalf of the parish community, to people who vary widely in the degree of their involvement in Church life. Our work must be marked by welcoming, caring, and healing.

We are truly a portrait of the Church in greater Cleveland. Our cemeteries provide a sacred space, a place of calm and prayer where the memory of a loved one can be cherished.

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