What is the Memorial Option?

Did you know Catholic cemeteries allow families to convert existing flush markers to above ground monuments?

For over 160 years the Catholic Cemeteries Association has served the Catholic community of the greater Cleveland area. Throughout this history the Association has grown in size to its present day configuration of 18 cemeteries across 7 counties. With this as background, each cemetery had to comply with the zoning regulations of its township or municipality. As a result, some of the Association’s cemeteries offered graves accommodating upright memorials while others – due to zoning regulations – offered only flush marker graves.
Graves that could accommodate an upright memorial require more upkeep and maintenance over the generations that follow that memorial’s placement. Again, this involves labor, equipment, and materials. As such, the Association assessed a premium price for these graves. As zoning regulations have changed over the past decade, the CCA has had to adapt as well. Families in those cemeteries previously restricted to flush memorials could place larger upright memorials under the new zoning regulations. To allow families to do this, and in consideration of the increased upkeep and maintenance required for future generations, the CCA established the Memorial Option as a way to upgrade the flush marker grave to a level on par with a premium monument grave in other Association cemeteries.
To learn more visit our website at www.clevelandcatholiccemeteries.org or email us at info@clevelandcatholiccemeteries.org.

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