Welcome to Cleveland Catholic Cemeteries

Burial in a Catholic Cemetery is a witness to one’s belief in the resurrection and life everlasting.

Catholic cemeteries are an extension of the parish community where those who worshipped together in life now rest together in peace.

Catholic cemeteries are dedicated to the Corporal Work of Mercy “To bury the dead” and the Spiritual Works of Mercy “To comfort the sorrowful” and “To pray for the living and the dead.”

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Cleveland Catholic Cemeteries

  1. Michael Calvaruso.

    Catholic Cemeteries Association. I reside in Akron, OH. and most of my family members are buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Akron, OH. I just visited Holy Cross Cemetery to pray for and to honor some of my deceased family members on Memorial Day, May 27, 2013. I must say, I was disappointed. Every family member I visited had flat headstones. At some point, when exactly, I do not know, the grass was cut, which I know is a necessity, but virtually all of the 9 headstones I visited were virtually covered in cut grass. This is in addition to the geese and bird feces, which I realize may be out of the control of the Cemetery. The worst part was the grass, and how it is growing to the point of covering up part of the headstone(s). It is almost like a lawn that is in dire need of edging. I do not know the process as to how this is handled at Holy Cross Cemetery, but something needs to be done to make the flat headstones fully visible. This includes being able to read the plot number. I know that Holy Cross Cemetery has fairly strict regulations regarding when, how, and what, one can do to decorate a grave. As you know, a plot and burial, in addition to the expense of the funeral itself, is expensive. With that cost, however, comes the idea that the headstones will be maintained and visible to those who come to visit the burial plot(s) of their loved ones. Please do something about the flat headstones at Holy Cross Cemetery in Akron, OH., so that they are visible and maintained so that those who come to visit do not personally need to maintain the grass around the headstone themselves. Thank you.

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